Land access

Defining the value of legal roads .... a video

Feb 18, 2010 Bruce Mason has created 10 minutes of video outlining the strengths of legal roads. Note that he is looking at the pedestrian values in particular. Read more

Walking Access Bill 08, Action needed now!

May 23, 2008 You really must get involved! For four wheeling it is potentially absolutely disastrous! Read more

Walking Access Repression

Apr 25, 2008 Bruce Mason, a very respected access advocate described the Walking Access Bill as a 'blatant assault on our fundamental rights, dressed up as a public good'. Read more

NZFWDA comments on DOC Pisa Range questions

Apr 20, 2008 A document compiled in association with the Otago Land Rover Owners Club in response to the 'Motorised Access onto the Pisa Range: Issues and Options' document prepared by DOC Read more

Waikato CMS preliminary draft comment

Apr 16, 2008 The NZFWDA has provided the Waikato Conservancy with comments about the preliminary draft CMS that DOC released earlier in the month. Read more

DOC CMS consultation list

Mar 30, 2008 The Department of Conservation have supplied a list of consultations for the CMS process and their position as of April 2008. Read more

NZFWDA at West Coast CMS hearing

Feb 28, 2008 Emphasis was put on the "heritage" value of old routes through public lands. The full submission is available here for download. Read more

Recreation Access argue for unformed legal roads

Feb 04, 2010 Bruce Mason is a very respected access advocate who has literally 'written the book' on unformed roads. Read more

Oteake Conservation Park proposal

May 21, 2008 Oteake Conservation Park proposal on the Department of Conservation website. Read more

Walking Access Bill - a sinister attempt to rid on unformed legal roads

Apr 23, 2008 Bryce Johnson's view on the controversial Walking Access Bill which he suspects 'is more a political move than one built on reasonable cause'. Read more

Bay of Plenty CMS closes 9 May

Apr 16, 2008 Have your say now! Read more

DOC Northland CMS survey online

Apr 09, 2008 As part of their drafting work for the Northland CMS, DOC have created an online survey for the public to provide comments. Read more

Pisa Range in Otago

Mar 11, 2008 DOC are asking questions about how to deal with vehicles Read more

Didymo management testing

Feb 08, 2008 The official report on the testing for methods of cleaning off Didymo to prevent its spread Read more

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