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February 04, 2010

All going well there will be regular updates from RANZ on outdoor issues throughout 2010.

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My first project for the new decade is a video rebuttal of the opinion of MAF, and their advisers, that it is not possible to create new unformed roads over private land. This is a critically important matter for all outdoor recreationists.

If the resultant official policy, that in future only easements over private land will be sought for public access rather than public roads, then the certainty of unhindered passage over roads could be replaced by much inferior privileges. Unformed roads are potentially most at risk – all 56,000 km of them – from extinguishment and realignment of access as easements.

Before Christmas I challenged the official position at a public meeting with representatives of the Walking Access Commission. They had no answers to my criticism, and showed no interest in my offer to brief the Commission's CEO on the findings of my research or in the papers I handed to him. So be warned – their policy line is well entrenched – their political masters will have to be persuaded to intervene. It appears that, these days,  unless you are a mining or other commercial plunderer of the outdoors, only noise and friction – lots of it – has any effect on the business of Government.

You and your recreational organisation must take an active interest in this issue and lobby Government, right up to PM level.
Ask the outnumbered recreation members of the Walking Access Commission what they are doing about it...
Brian Stephenson
Brian is a barrister with extensive experience in employment law and dispute resolution. He is a past president of Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand.
Dr Kay Booth
Kay is a tourism and recreation consultant with twenty years experience in parks and recreation research and planning. She has held executive positions with non-government conservation and recreation organisations.

The Bushey Park Road Saga is viewable on YouTube as a 10 min overview or as a 60 minute documentary (in nine parts). I can supply the hour doco as a DVD at $20 per disk (donations also appreciated).

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 Bruce Mason

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