Land access

4WD weekends coming up in Clarence Reserve

Oct 22, 2010 Four-wheel drive enthusiasts in coming months will once again have the opportunity to take a weekend trip through the spectacular landscape of the Clarence Reserve area of Ka Whata Tu O Rakihouia Conservation Park near Kaikoura. Read more

Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill

Oct 11, 2010 Public submissions are being invited on this bill. The closing date for submissions is Friday, 19 November 2010. Read more

Speak now, or forever lose your beach!

Sep 29, 2010 Key changes to the foreshore and seabed legislation, a paper by Murial Newman Read more

Walking Access Commission 'Outdoor Access Code'

Jul 05, 2010 A useful document that references vehicle use etc. Read more

Recreation Access argue for unformed legal roads

Feb 04, 2010 Bruce Mason is a very respected access advocate who has literally 'written the book' on unformed roads. Read more

Oteake Conservation Park proposal

May 21, 2008 Oteake Conservation Park proposal on the Department of Conservation website. Read more

Coastal & Marine Access - David Round (Canterbury Law lecturer)

Oct 18, 2010 The Attorney-General and Minister of Treaty Settlements, Mr Christopher Finlayson, has said on various occasions that it is ‘clear’ that public access will be allowed as of right, and free of charge, over any foreshore and seabed to which Maori might be granted ‘customary marine title’ under the bill. Now this is simply not the case, and if Mr Finlayson thinks that it is the case, then he is either dishonest or not as good a lawyer as he thinks he is. Read more

CORANZ overview on Foreshore and Seabed legislation / Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill

Oct 04, 2010 Hugh Barr of CORANZ, a group of recreation organisations that the NZFWDA is a member of, has summarised some of the risks to recreation and New Zealanders in general. Read more

West Coast CMS published by DOC

Jul 27, 2010 This is the 2010-2020 document that will guide decision making by the Department of Conservation on the West Coast. Read more

Farmers fear trouble over access plans

Jun 14, 2010 Comment from Otago Daily Times Read more

Defining the value of legal roads .... a video

Feb 18, 2010 Bruce Mason has created 10 minutes of video outlining the strengths of legal roads. Note that he is looking at the pedestrian values in particular. Read more

Walking Access Bill 08, Action needed now!

May 23, 2008 You really must get involved! For four wheeling it is potentially absolutely disastrous! Read more

Walking Access Repression

Apr 25, 2008 Bruce Mason, a very respected access advocate described the Walking Access Bill as a 'blatant assault on our fundamental rights, dressed up as a public good'. Read more

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