Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill

October 11, 2010

Public submissions are being invited on this bill. The closing date for submissions is Friday,
19 November 2010.
The committee intends to travel widely to hear submissions on the bill, to locations including
Invercargill, Christchurch, Blenheim, Wellington, Bay of Plenty, Hamilton, Auckland and
Whangarei. “This is an issue that a lot of New Zealanders feel strongly about. We want to
hear from all people who have an interest in the foreshore and seabed of New Zealand” said
Hon Tau Henare, Chairperson of the Māori Affairs Select Committee.
The bill aims to reform the law relating to ownership of the foreshore and seabed following a
review of the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004 which was completed in June 2009. The bill
defines a “common marine and coastal area” which means the marine and coastal area other
than specified freehold land (land already in private ownership) and conservation areas and
reserves and "the bed of Te Whaanga Lagoon in the Chatham Islands" and provides that
"neither the Crown nor any other person owns, or is capable of owning, the common marine
and coastal area”. The bill aims to give legal recognition, protection and expression to the
customary interests of Māori over the common marine and coastal area. The bill details
various public rights and powers over this area, such as public rights of access, navigation and
A copy of the bill can be purchased at any Bennetts Government Bookshop or viewed online
Submissions should be forwarded by the due date, either online using our website
( or in writing to the address below. If a submitter wishes to appear
before the committee, they need to state this clearly and provide a name, daytime phone
number and email address. Submissions generally become public and are published on our
website. For further guidance on making a submission, read our publication Making a
submission to a Parliamentary Select Committee on our website or contact us at
 04 817 9520.

Address for correspondence: Māori Affairs Committee, Parliament Buildings,
For more information contact:
Hon Tau Henare (Chairperson)
Māori Affairs Committee
 (04) 817 6934
Suze Jones (Clerk of the Committee)
 (04) 817 9506

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