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Recreation Access argue for unformed legal roads

Feb 04, 2010 Bruce Mason is a very respected access advocate who has literally 'written the book' on unformed roads. Read more

NZFWDA Survey of 4x4 users

Apr 22, 2008 Please take part in this quick online survey to help us get a picture of what four wheelers prefer to do with their vehicles. Read more

Information on running a club

Jan 13, 2008 It's not getting any easier running clubs and complying with various requirements. This info may provide a valuable helping hand Read more

Environmental Sustainablity Review

Nov 22, 2006 About the Parliamentary Commisioner for the Environment's Sustainability Review for 2007 Read more

Web site crash

Feb 03, 2010 Due to a server crash on the 16th of January, we have lost the majority of our web site's content. We're in the process of rebuilding the site, and appreciate your understanding. Read more

Didymo management testing

Feb 08, 2008 The official report on the testing for methods of cleaning off Didymo to prevent its spread Read more

Didymo awareness

Dec 07, 2006 A reminder to those four wheeling that there is a risk of transporting Didymo between waterways. Read more

UFWDA e-News

Jul 22, 2006 Read more

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