Why you should join

Unity makes us strong

The more members, the louder voice we have to let our point of view be heard.

Insurance cover

A unique benefit of the NZFWDA providing the necessary cover should anything go wrong.

Land access

The NZFWDA has had many successful campaigns securing land access on public and private land for four wheel drive use.


4x4 Trials and Winch Challenge competitions, both providing invaluable recognition for our sport and recreation

Vehicle regulations

We work directly with the LVVTA to ensure 4wd interests are considered when new rules and regulations are being formed


Promotion of 4wding is at the heart of all these benefits. The NZFWDA works without rest to ensure the future of our recreation as a safe, friendly and enjoyable activity.


The NZFWDA is developing documents and forms that will be free to download. This is work in progress that will be at this page.

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How to join

Becoming a NZFWDA member

To join the NZFWDA you just have to belong to an NZFWDA affiliated club or be a member of United 4wd Supporters

Membership Fee

$45 per year

The membership fee is collected by your club and forwarded to the NZFWDA.

The insurance cover alone is well worth this small fee. So what are you waiting for?

How to become an affiliated club

If your club is considering becoming affiliated with the NZFWDA, here's what will be required of you.

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Insurance schemes

One of the greatest benefits of the NZFWDA are the three insurance policies we have to cover the association, the committees and the members while on club events.

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