A fuel card that supports the NZFWDA

November 26, 2023

Help reduce your fuel costs and support the NZFWDA too!


The NZFWDA is working with GCo Fuels, who provide fuel cards for Mobil, BP, and Waitomo fuels.

Using these fuel cards provides a 1c per litre return to the NZFWDA, so you save and the NZFWDA benefits too.

Please remember the BP and Waitomo card option as a viable option. The saving we can provide is generally on average, at least 15c per litre off the BP & Waitomo pump prices This is based on weekly National pricing.

Very competitive 11c per litre discount off Mobil pump price. The key difference is that Mobil is a set discount of 11cpl discount, whereas the BP/Waitomo pricing is based on weekly pricing”.

Mobilcard is also accepted at many Waitomo, NPD, and Allied branded stations throughout NZ

One monthly invoice paid by direct debit on 5th month following.

Exceptional personal service to clients

Option for BP or Waitomo cards with competitive weekly National pricing

No card or transaction fees

Ability for each card to have transaction, daily, and monthly spend limits.

Contact  for information.

An application form can be found attached

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