Ripiro Beach and vehicle use

October 12, 2023

Local agencies, led by Kaipara District Council, are uniting alongside communities to educate people
on how to make Ripiro Beach safer for everyone.
Dangerous driving, dumped rubbish, and threats to native wildlife have had national attention and
there is huge community interest and support for behaviour change.
Representatives from Department of Conservation, Fire and Emergency NZ, Kaipara District Council,
Kauri Coast 4WD Club, Northland Regional Council, NZ Police, Red Hill MotoX Club, Te Roroa, and
Te Uri o Hau will be at the beach during Labour weekend to educate people on important rules to
protect the fragile dune systems, native birds, other beach users and themselves.
On Labour Weekend, the local communities will be joining representatives from the group above to
host a free barbeque for members of the public to stop and talk before they hit the sand.
Our aim is to not only change beach user behaviour, but also empower others to report incidents
when they see them happen.
When you visit Ripiro Beach, there are important rules you must follow to protect the fragile dune
systems, native birds and other beach users so everyone can enjoy what the beach has to offer.
Check tide and soft sand
Before your wheels hit the sand, check the tides, and identify your exit route.
Follow road rules and drive to the conditions
Four-wheel driving, motorbiking or dune buggying can have devastating impacts on Ripiro Beach’s
natural environment, native species, and other beachgoers. Drive slowly and carefully – especially
near children, other beach users and wildlife. Standard New Zealand road rules apply on the beach.
There are 30km/h speed limits on sections of Ripiro beach, either side of the Baylys Beach and Glinks
Gully beach entrances. These are set by Kaipara District Council and monitored by NZ Police.
Keep off the dunes
Do not drive on the dunes for your safety and to protect native coastal vegetation and animals.
Look out for vehicle prohibited areas
Signs are placed along the beach on areas where vehicles are prohibited. Watch out for the signs and
follow all signposted rules.
Respect local wildlife
Ripiro Beach is home to precious native wildlife. Give animals space, do not encroach on their habitat.
Do not damage or destroy plants.
Check it’s alright before you light
Head to before lighting any fires. Keep an eye out for fire ban signs.
Pack in, pack out
Take all rubbish and recycling with you.

Check out the Beach entry sign below 

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