Amputees enjoy a back country adventure

April 06, 2023

When Matt Bryson lost his lower leg in an “horrendous” farm accident nine years ago, it changed his life forever, but it hasn’t slowed him down too much.

He was one of a group of amputees who were out four-wheel-driving on the weekend, in the mountains and the bush south of Lake Taup? - the first of what organisers hope will be many such 4WD excursions into the Kiwi back country.

As president of the Waikato Bay of Plenty Amputees Society, Bryson has been involved in more than a few “cool trips” organised for amputees so when Anton Romirer from the Taup? 4WD Club contacted him to offer a back country trip, he was happy to get a group together.

Romirer said the back country DoC estate is for everyone, but not everyone could physically get there.

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