Changes likely under new road classifications

August 23, 2022

This proposal has implications to 4WD use of both formed and unformed legal roads as it will allow restrictions on 'classes' of vehicles, among other changes. It will allow Councils to restrict  4WD (MC class)vehicles from nominated roads. It is part of Draft Street Layouts Rule 2022 and the purposes of actions taken under subclause (1) must be any of the following:

(a) to improve the access and mobility of any of the following: pedestrians;   cyclists; riders of mobility devices; riders of wheeled recreational   devices

(b) to improve the operation of public transport

(c) to protect and promote public health and safety

(d) to support environmental sustainability, including reducing carbon dioxide emissions

(e) to create public spaces that support the wellbeing of communities

Public consultation closes on Monday 19 September.

The NZFWDA have drafted a submission to the NZTA and it is attached as a reference for members and clubs who wish to also send a submission.

It is suggested that you personalise your submission and add or delete as you wish... just keep it courteous please. The email instructions can be found in the link above.

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