Access to Kaimanawa Forest closed

August 04, 2022

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Herenga ? Nuku Aotearoa — The Outdoor Access Commission has received a number of enquiries about the entitlement for public access to the Kaimanawa State Forest Park from the Desert Road and Turangi area.  Historically access for recreational pursuits like tramping, hunting, angling and four-wheel driving have used formed roadways like Waipakihi, Rangipo Intake.

These formed roadways originated from the creation of the Tongariro Power Scheme.  Waipakihi and Rangipo Intake roads were taken by the Crown in the 1960s under the Public Works Act for the development of the power scheme and held as Crown land.  Public access on the roadways (Crown land) has been accepted by the Crown during the time the land has been owned by the Crown.  This Crown land is now being returned to the original owners. 

The key is that these formed roads were never dedicated as legal roads.  Once the land that these formed roads traverse is returned to the original owners, the formed roads will be private roads on private land. 

Herenga ? Nuku Aotearoa will now work to assess the options for public access to the Kaimanawa State Forest Park.  Due to the level of interest in this access, the Commission’s Chief Executive has contacted FMC national office to engage on this matter. 

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