Marlborough District Council- Proposed East Coast Beach Vehicle Bylaw

July 25, 2021

The Kaik?ura earthquake uplifted the East Coast in November 2016, raising it by up to 2.5 metres in the area between the Awatere and Waima/Ure rivers (48.5km). In places where access was previously restricted by tides, it’s now possible to walk or drive at any time. The area is known for its cultural significance to multiple iwi, including statutory claims and other longstanding connections.

Council agreed to explore a new bylaw in December 2019 and has spent the past year talking with iwi, community groups and others with an interest in the coast. In recent months, councillors have received reports and updates on the progress of the proposed bylaw, including alternatives to a vehicle ban, to protect public safety and the East Coast ecosystems.

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