Covid-19 Level 2 Guidelines

May 15, 2020

Some of our affiliated 4wd clubs have asked for guidance while NZ is at Covid-19 Level 2.

It is simple - follow the government's rules, which are set out at

Amongst the rules, currently gatherings are limited to 10 people maximum. From the information on the Covid-19 website we understand that this would include 4wd trips. Spectators are not allowed.

A record must be kept of every person attending a gathering, including 4wd trips. The government might ease this limit after a couple of weeks under Level 2, but until we hear otherwise the limit remains at 10.

Also personal distancing still applies, 2 metres in public and stores, 1 metre in most other environments. And of course hygiene standards still apply.

During a 4wd trip you may need to use recovery gear or other equipment or tools. When doing this, keep your distance, avoid use of common tools, clean up with wipes or hand sanitiser afterwards, use common sense.

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