Notice to 4wd Clubs about Resource Consents

April 15, 2020

We are all looking forward to the Covid-19 lockdown ending, then getting our trucks out and going for trips on our favourite tracks.

Before you go, think about the lessons learned from the experience at the last Deadwood, where the organising club and the Association were both fined large amounts for breaches of the Resource Management Act.

Our advice is simple: Don't damage the beds of waterways and don't cause sediment. In many cases this means keeping out of streams and bogs etc.

The National Executive is putting together some detailed information for clubs, including step-by-step guidelines. These will help you to comply with the Resource Management Act, to find out if your trip or event can take place without needing a resource consent, or if a resource consent is required some tips on how to apply for it.

To find out whether your trip or event complies with the Act, you will need to contact two councils (who will have their own rules about what complies): your local regional council and also your local district or city council. In some places like Auckland a single unitary council may cover both roles. Go through their helplines.

Tell them as much detail as you can about what you're planning and ask whether it complies with their rules. This is the most important part of the planning.

Our Association President is preparing a detailed description of all this, which will be published shortly.

That will be followed by the detailed step-by-step guidelines that the National Executive is preparing for clubs.

Signed: Grant Purdie, National PRO.

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