Toyota Hilux Ball Joint Spacers

September 26, 2019

LVVTA have been made aware that 2004-2015 year Toyota Hilux front upper suspension arms are failing when being fitted with extended ball joints. This modification is becoming increasingly popular to correct suspension geometry on raised vehicles. As the arms run a pressed-fit ball joint (as opposed to a bolt-in ball joint), the extra leverage being applied is damaging the arm and creating play between the ball joint and the arm itself. As a result, these arms are deemed unsuitable for any extended type of ball joint and can not be LVV Certified with them fitted. 

An alternative is to replace the arms with suitable aftermarket items. While there are a number of manufacturers producing arms for these vehicles, LVVTA has also found some that do not meet requirements. The ProForge model of arms produced by Ironman 4x4 have been assessed by 1D Certifiers to be a suitable option, being manufactured from forged 6082 aluminium and heat treated.

Please note, while we (LVVTA) make mention of these arms, they must be assessed individually and meet all other LVV requirements, as they have not undergone any form of component approval .


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