4wd Club helps programme to introduce kiwi to Wellington

May 16, 2019

Wellington City Council and the Cross Country Vehicle Club have been setting up a project to work together on pest control in Te Kopahou Reserve, WCC's largest reserve.

More recently Capital Kiwi has joined the project. Capital Kiwi aims to introduce colonies of kiwi around Wellington City and is confident this can be achieved. As a first step though, it will rely on a successful pest eradication programme.

The first "boots on the ground" job for the combined team of WCC, CCVC and Capital Kiwi was to set out the traps, which happened in March. See this video showing some highlights of the day: and remember to turn on your sound!

Although the CCVC folk knew there was a video being put together, the amazing recognition of CCVC's contribution was a complete surprise.

This project was a great example that Barry from CCVC used when he gave a talk to the NZFWDA Conference on 12 May about the opportunities and benefits of 4wd clubs working alongside territorial authorities. Naturally he showed the video as part of his presentation. It was all well received.

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