Threats to our land access

February 17, 2019

This is a reminder to everybody who likes to go off-road in their 4wd. As we all know, access to land is vital. Without permission to use properties, we have no recreation.

As we have often highlighted to all our members, it is really important to make sure that every one of us complies with the basics:
  • Have a good relationship with the land owner or land manager, understand their requirements then comply with these. This includes where and when you can go, where and when you cannot go, behaviour expected and any other conditions of access.
  • Think safety! Undertake hazard identification and have a safety plan for every trip. See the Health & Safety Policy and Guidelines for Clubs at this link.
  • Value and safeguard the environment. This includes a "tread lightly" approach and being aware of the requirements of the Resource Management Act. Failure to mitigate for risks to the environment, such as sedimentation and streambed disturbance, can have dire consequences such as loss of future access, the possibility of a fine or prosecution. As all our national trials organisers know, the NZFWDA has extensive guidelines for running an event, available at this link.

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