Proposed track closures due to Kauri Die Back

July 12, 2018

Link to the DOC Media Release:

In 2014, the Government provided DOC with funding to manage the human spread of kauri dieback on tracks on public conservation land. This resulted in the Kauri Dieback Recreation Project.

As there is currently no proven cure or treatment for kauri dieback, we can only save kauri by stopping the disease from spreading. To achieve this, the project has taken the following approach:

- Upgrading tracks to protect kauri roots and eliminate wet and muddy sections

- Developing and installing cleaning stations

- Introducing initiatives to change people’s behaviour, as the evidence shows that people are the main vector for the disease - Closing tracks


The decision to propose track closures is not taken lightly, but has been considered in situations where there is:

- high kauri dieback risk

- low visitor use

- high upgrade and ongoing maintenance costs

- a similar experience provided in the vicinity.

- Not all tracks will be fully closed. Partial closures are considered where we can close a section of track to protect the kauri there and still retain the experience.


DOC would appreciate your feedback on these proposed track closures. Your response will be taken into consideration in the final decision-making process. Submisions close 10 August 2018.

Email your submission or related questions to:

Link to the Tracks looking at closure:

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