Rethink on access to Rangitaiki conservation area (SF70)

January 03, 2011

Access to Rangitaiki conservation area through the East Taupo Land Trust land is being reviewed because environmental damage being done to both the trust and public land by trail bike and off-road activity.

The Rangitaiki Conservation Area is 40km east from Taupo Township on SH5 and is a popular spot for off-road enthusiasts.

It is also the last remaining large monoao frost flat in the North Island. To date the East Taupo Lands Trust has allowed free public access to Rangitaiki Conservation area through its lands. In recent years motorbikes and all terrain vehicles have consistently been ridden off-road through this area and the damage being done has the private land-owners taking another look at what can be done.

"The trustees have previously allowed public access through their land but with recent events they are rethinking this issue," said Tom Walters, a trustee of the East Taupo Lands Trust.

Department of Conservation  area manager Dave Lumley said, "The department is appreciative of the trust’s support to allow public access through its land but shares the concern about environmental impact occurring on  the land and adjoining public conservation land, The department and the trust are working to overcome this issue."

At present there is one legal access point off State Highway 5, about 2.5km east of the Rangitaiki Tavern. This access  road passes through the private land administered by the East Taupo Lands Trust before arriving at the Rangitaiki Conservation Area.

Motorbikes, quads and 4WD vehicles are not permitted to be taken off road within either the trust land or the Rangitaiki Conservation Area. For access areas see and search for Rangitaiki, East Taupo Lands. Trust land can be identified at

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