Maratoto in 2007

February 06, 2007

There is now a gate across the first entry to the Loop trail to keep out casual and ill-equipped drivers. It is secured with a combination lock with the code 5242. This must be kept closed at all times but before entering the trail from the other end, ensure that you can get the gate open to get out! There is a change in the telephone message number that provides advice on the status of the main gate. The new number is 027 5242132 If it's been wet then check that number before travelling to Maratoto. The costs for the past year have emptied the kitty so your $10 donation in the yellow box on the corner of Maratoto and Wires Rds is welcomed. Please don't chew up these trails and use a winch in the Loop rather than horsepower and wheel spinning. Stay on the trails and don't make them wider.

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