Inter-Club Challenge Wanganui versus Mt Egmont 15th May 2010

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Inter-Club Challenge Wanganui versus Mt Egmont 15th May 2010

Post by Peter Vahry on Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:07 pm

Rain was bucketing down and the weather had a distinct chill to it, but that didn't dampen the spirits of the members, as they gathered to organize the teams for the annual challenge.

With 11 vehicles in each team it was game on, Lyn White took on the daunting job of scoring and keeping the day moving. The ground was wet and slippery, but isn't that what four wheeling is about, and it made you think more strategically - or it should. Often it was a case of this is where I won't to go, but oops this line will do as it slips off the line. By the time hazard 2 came up, the rain had stopped and the bulk of the wet weather gear was slowing you down. It was great to see some of the co-drivers taking the hot seat, and see what the machines can do, even if it was slip-sliding with no traction - there was always the throttle. Some hairy looking exits to some obstacles with mud flying, while others struggled to get any traction and did 180's. It was a case of watch where you stood as the mud was being slung far and wide, and many an opposing vehicle was splattered by accident I'm sure - NOT.

The day took a different turn when a spectator slipped a few inches on the side of a hill and there was a distinct crack - with everybody looking to see who had done a CV or something - but alas it was an ankle. Now we see how well organised a bunch we have, checking for safety and comfort for the person lying in agony, whilst determining what had happened. Then it was all on with limited phone service, but we managed to organise an ambulance and then helicopter - obviously the ambulance crew (women) hadn't been in these conditions before either in an ambulance, or on foot, as they had to walk a wee way supported by some of the burly team across some very muddy patches (where we had been playing).

While the patient was being dealt with, the members had moved on to the next hazard, and by lunch time they appeared to see the helicopter take its patient into hospital with a wave. Outcome was ankle snapped in 3 places and dislocated - a few screws later and a bit more grey hair and all is well, as well as it can be. All through the day there were vehicle breakages, most being blamed on the Trial's they had done before. It was great to see the team spirit and help given to each other, regardless of what team you were in, many a time there were group discussion on what was the best line, or did he do that right and although we had been promised a thrashing, it didn't happen as Wanganui took out the day and were in high spirits.
Outcome… Wanganui 3276 - Mt Egmont 5371

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