Competition Officer Nov report

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Competition Officer Nov report

Post by Peter Vahry on Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:01 pm

The first formal meeting of the new Executive of the Competitions (ECC) was held on 24 July.
Prior to this meeting the Executive had finalized the 2010-11 trials calendar. There had been insufficient numbers of applications from clubs to host National Trials to make up a full calendar of six rounds so the ECC committed to host a mid season trial in March 2011. Mike Gee-Taylor has agreed to act as local co-ordinator for this trial.
The full season calendar can be found on the internet at
Prior years correspondence, minutes, and financial records, etc were handed over efficiently and completely so the new Executive were able to commence their term fully informed.
As is usual for newly elected Executive teams it was necessary to work through the changes to the Competition Regulations arising from the AGM. There were a significant number of remits passed at the AGM, all of which have been incorporated in the Regulations and the Executive have worked through the amended Regulations and resolved a collective interpretation. The intention is the Executive will speak with one voice on matters of interpretation of the Regulations.
The Scrutineers requested a change in format for scrutineering at the first round (Bay of Islands). As will no doubt be already known, competitors have been pushing the boundaries in terms of compliance with class rules over the past several years. Not unexpectedly there have been ongoing “niggles” between competitors particularly when “innovations” have been perceived as “unfair advantage”. The intention this season is to run scrutineering in class blocks so competition vehicles of similar class will all be scrutineered together. It is hoped this will allow competitors to at least discuss any issues and sort these out within their class groups without going to formal protests. The Executive have also resolved to allow minor, non performance enhancing issues to be log booked for correction by the next trial and if issues are deemed performance enhancing then the competitor will be given the option of moving up a class rather than not competing.
The scrutineers believe a significant number of competitors have multiple log books which obviously reduces the effectiveness of the scrutineering process. Each competitor will henceforth be required to submit their log book at their first scrutineering and this log book will be numbered and recorded as the only log book applicable for that competitor for the season.
The Executive resolved to purchase a portable power generator and laptop computer for use by the National Scorer. These items of equipment will resolve some long standing issues around power supply in some remote areas and availability of suitable computer capacity for scoring.
Attempts have been made to attract new commercial sponsorship for TV filming and production of the Trials events. At time of writing this report no formal sponsorship proposals have been arranged.
The big issue for the Executive this year has been the ongoing wish of a minority of competitors to use chromoly tube in their vehicles. This issue was considered by the previous Executive and was also debated at the last AGM with two remits for use of chromoly rejected by a majority of voting competitors. Notwithstanding the history, two formal requests were submitted for consideration by the Executive. As per the Regulations these requests were submitted firstly to the Design Safety Team with supporting engineering opinions. The DST subsequently submitted their recommendations to the Executive.
The DST report and recommendations basically covered three areas:

1. Strength: all evidence and engineering reports indicate that chromoly is a stronger material than BS1387 black steel tube which is the material specified in our competition regulations.

2. Conditions for use: majority of DST and one of the external engineering reports expressed concern regarding welding of chromoly material and certification of welders. Structural integrity of inadequately welded chromoly is an issue which is not able to be managed within the scope of present Regulations.

3. Need for Inspections: majority of DST also recommended regular checks of chromoly be undertaken to ensure structural integrity is maintained.

The Executive considered the DST report and recommendations and also their interpretation of the Regulations and resolved to decline the requests on the basis that whilst chromoly was apparently a stronger material than BS1387 black steel tube, the issues of structural integrity and design safety were not able to be managed within the scope of current Regulations.
The decision by NZFWDA to adopt Drug Free Sport testing protocols and processes has been recognized by the ECC. At time of this report all new competition licence holders have received a DFSNZ wallet brochure with their new licence. This brochure provides preliminary information on DFSNZ policies and procedures and is intended as introductory material for National Trials competitors. Currently it is planned to have Drug Free Sport personnel on site at the third round of the season (Whakatane) and to perhaps commence testing at the finals, Easter 2011.

Neville Dunton
National Competitions Officer, NZFWDA
27 October 2010
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