Conference attendance and slack arse members

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Conference attendance and slack arse members

Post by Roger Seymour on Sat May 26, 2012 1:34 pm

Conference in 2013
The next NZFWDA AGM and Conference is in Wellington.
It would be great to have a better attendance from Clubs and in particular Central Zone Clubs which will all be within driving distance. The conferences that I have been to have all been poorly attended. Organisers of the conferences talk each year about how to make it interesting etc. Much work goes in by people (particularly Gail) and this year Russell Quin, our Southeren Zone President, did a great job arranging some very interesting speakers. There was a great discussion with Tony Johnson, CEO of LVVTA, which is an organisation to which we, the NZFWDA, belong. If you are at all interested in vehicle lifting, fitting bigger tyres, bigger springs etc then you need to follow there discussions. Another presentation from a police serious crash inspector was very enlightening to say the least.
For next conference in Wellington I want delegates from all local Clubs at least, and even all Zone Clubs. Many of you sit around on your arses, give nothing, moan about everything, dont want to pay any money for anything, think that everything is someone elses fault, but still want to have access to any land in New Zealand, and be able to drive to that land in any modified vehicle that may or may not be safe. Its really not good enough.
Some clown, who is in a 4WD Club, recently said that the NZFWDA are "doing all this secret squirrel stuff" with regard to vehicle lifting and the issuing of authority cards. This guy needs to get his head out of his exhaust and pay some attention to whats happening.
Roger Seymour, NZFWDA National PRO
Roger Seymour
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Re: Conference attendance and slack arse members

Post by Alan Geeves on Sat May 26, 2012 6:51 pm

hard but true
Unfortunately on here you might be preaching to the converted.
I hear the train a comin Its rollin down the line. I only hope the rails and sleepers are all installed in time
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