Auckland to Wellington by Land Rover

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Auckland to Wellington by Land Rover

Post by james hardy on Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:13 am

Hi All,
My wife and I live in Nelson area. We have just bought a Series 3 from Auckland (to add to our LR collection of D1 and Rangie) and are going to pick it up from there early March. We are subsequently planning a Land Rover enabled adventure road-trip back to Wellington to enjoy the scenery and the capabilities of our new toy :))
Not having much knowledge of the 'off the beaten tracks' of the North Island I wondered if we could get some help from you guys..?
So far, I think that Traverse 42 would be a good section to follow, but what about other sections to link up with it?
And, we've never been over Gentle Annie so would like to incorporate that as well, I'm aware that this is a metalled road but its also scenery that we've wanted to experience for some years now :)

Thanks for all help and pointers!
James and Susie
james hardy
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