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Re: Visiting from the USA

Post by Alan Geeves on Mon Apr 21, 2014 9:40 am

First re camping gear. Unless it is brand new and still packaged you will have trouble bringing into New Zealand. Still you can buy new tents etc a lot cheaper in USA than here so that shouldnt be a game changer.
The 2 4wd rental cos mentioned have a good reputation but dont really allow there wagons that far off the beaten track.. Insurance becomes too big an issue for them. Still you will see a great deal of good places.
What parts of NZ are you visiting? NZ may look small on a map but 3 weeks isnt enough to see all of it.
Try and get hold of the books by Ken Sibly and Andy Cockroft on 4wd tracks. Kens cover the South Island and Andys the North. They are a little out of date now and some tracks are gone but still its an excellent start to a journey planner. The second and third books in both series would be the best ones for you. The first ones are mainly hard core tracks that you wouldnt take a rental on.
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